The Ghoullog 2014


North Conway Cranmore Mountain The Ghoullog

The Ghoulog presents : Mercer Home for the Criminally Insane!

All community residents and facility visitors be advised: 3 Mercer Home residents have escaped detention in maximum security East Wing, where the most violent criminals are held. These individuals may have released other inmates as well. They are convicted psychopathic murderers, possibly armed. Mercer Home is in lockdown. Extreme fear is advised.

Package includes :

  • 2 night stay with us (Friday & Saturday) in the room of your choice
  • Full country breakfast cooked-to-order each morning
  • 2 tickets for the Ghoullog Haunt including a haunted chairlift ride (open from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm)  – Additional discounted tickets available if needed (for additional $24/person)
  • A $30 voucher for a dinner at one of the Valley Originals’ Restaurants
  • A Dining Pass for additional discounts to area restaurants…

When is the Ghoullog package available?

October 4 & 5, 2014 – October 17 & 18, 2014 –  October 24 & 25, 2014 – October 31 & November 1, 2014. Although the Ghoullog is operating on Columbus Weekend, this package isn’t offered on October 10, 11 & 12.

Price for 2 people (taxes included – Gratuities not included):

October 4 & 5, 2014 :

  Room 5, Room 10 : $374.84

  Room 4Room 11 : $418.44

  Room 1, Room 3, Room 6, Room 9,Room 22 : $433.70

  Room 2Room 7Room 8Room 19 , Room 20, Room 21, Room 23: $455.50

  Suite 25 Suite 17 : $514.36

  Suite 12Suite 24 (for 4 persons) : $651.74

October 17 & 18, 2014 :

  Room 4, Room 5Room 10, Room 11 : $305.08

  Room 1Room 3, Room 6, Room 9 Room 22 : $339.96

  Room 2, Room 7, Room 8, Room 19, Room 20, Room 21, Room 23 : $350.86

  Suite 17Suite 25 : $414.08

  Suite 12Suite 24 (for 4 persons) : $603.82

October 24 & 25, 2014 and November 1 & 2, 2014 :

  Room 5Room 10 : $270.20

  Room 4 : $281.10

  Room 1,  Room 3, Room 9Room 11, Room 22 : $289.82

  Room 2, Room 6, Room 7, Room 8 : $302.90

  Room 19Room 21 , Room 20Room 23 : $318.16

  Suite 17Suite 25 : $377.02

  Suite 12Suite 24 (for 4 persons) : $603.82


Children are welcome even though it is not recommended for children 10 and under. Parental discretion is advised. Visitors are encouraged to dress appropriately for the weather and the chairlift ride. It can be very cold up the Mountain! Tickets are limited and will sell out! ADVANCED RESERVATION REQUIRED (at least 3 days before arrival). Let us know the time frame  you would like upon reservation, so that we can reserve your seats for the Ghoullog (between 7 pm and 10:30 pm). In case of cancellation, our regular policy applies for the lodging part. If cancellation is done before 2 pm on the day we reserved your Ghoullog tickets, tickets will be refunded. If done after 2 pm, no refund is possible. 50% lodging deposit + all tickets are required upon reservation.

If you don’t want the package but want to stay with us and get discounted tickets for the Ghoullog, it’s possible! ASK US!

Call (800) 356-3596


Fauna in our Backyard : The Great Blue Heron

Every year, in June/July, Cranmore Mountain Lodge welcomes the Great Blue Heron. Our pond stocked with trout, but also home for frogs, salamanders, crayfish and giant dragonflies, is the ultimate fine restaurant for this bird that can swallow a whole fish (and chock on it!).

Great Blue Heron at Cranmore Mountain Lodge
The Great Blue Heron at the top of one of our tallest trees in the backyard, waiting for us to go away to fish in our pond!

 We can see it everyday, especially in the early morning or in the evening, flying above our property, standing tall on the tallest branch of the tallest tree around, or by the water waiting patiently for its food. It’s a big bird, standing three to four feet tall, with a wingspan of almost six feet, with blue-gray feathers, a pointed yellow bill and long legs.


Great Blue Heron at Cranmore Mountain Lodge White Mountains New Hampshire
The Great Blue Heron trying to hide from us in all the branches of the tree

In the fall, it migrates south and comes back every year (sometimes 2 of them) to Cranmore Mountain Lodge. After all, we are a great Bed & Breakfast, for everyone!


This picture was taken in the fall, before the migration. The Great Blue Heron eats a lot of frogs and definitely our trout!

Tips to Dine out with a Young Child

whining charge

If you’ve ever travelled in France, you would be amazed to see the good table manners of most of the kids : They stay seated and don’t run around the table or play peek-a-boo under the table, eat with their fork and knife not with their fingers, ask politely and thank the wait staff, drink neatly from their cup and don’t spill their soda,  keep their voice down, have a nice conversation and don’t play with the sugar packets or their silverware. How do they do that? Well, it is not something you teach your kids in one day, but this is something you can start as soon as they are sitting in their high chair and starting to eat by themselves.

Being a mother of three children, two of them born in France, as well as a former preschool teacher and daycare owner, I taught my kids to eat with their spoon (and not with their fingers) as soon as they were able to sit. Of course, at first it is messy, but if you keep on asking them to eat properly and don’t give up, they will learn faster than you think. Table manners are not taught to a 2 year old at the restaurant, they have to be demonstrated early at home. I read so many times, and heard so many times, that you should start feeding your child with finger food so that it is much easier for your baby to learn self feeding, and always thought this was wrong. It doesn’t teach any table manners but definitely will make him a good guest at fast food restaurants only! Finger food is good for a snack on-the-go, not for a meal.

Even if your first dinner out with him is in a fast food restaurant, you should keep these good manners and keep him as much as possible from running around the tables : he can eventually go play in the play area once he is done with his meal, but not pick a piece and go back to play… A meal is a social gathering that people share.

guests at breakfast at Cranmore Mountain Lodge
Joe, Vanessa and Alexander enjoying their breakfast at Cranmore Mountain Lodge


I would suggest you not to pick a fast food restaurant, but a family-friendly place offering a kids menu. Keep the fancy restaurant for a date night without the kid.


If your child naps between 1 and 3 pm for example, do not wait 8 pm to go out! If he is exhausted, this is a recipe for disaster. You have to plan around your child’s regular sleep schedule not around your own schedule.


Order your kid’s meal when you order yours and ask to be served at the same time. If you ask that your child be served as soon as possible and before you, he might be done when you start your meal, leaving you no choice but to gobble quickly the rest of your dinner, before he gets bored. Once your order has been taken, you can give your child a small snack (or ask for some bread) that will keep him busy and not starving while waiting to be served.


Finger puppets, sorting toys, small books, toys with no sound (even if you are in an inexpensive family restaurant the other customers have the right to enjoy their meals in a relative peace), works great to keep them busy when they are not eating.


No child is perfect, stays quiet and neat. This is something he has to learn with practice, each time you are going to eat out. If your child starts a tantrum, cries, starts throwing his silverware or take off his shirt, you should immediately take him outside and explain him firmly that he cannot reenter the restaurant unless he calms down. If he cannot settle down, you might have to take your meal out and eat at home. Just try again another time. And don’t forget to show your own good manners by apologizing to the other tables if your child was a disturbance!

Oh, and I almost forgot : if you need to change your child diaper, avoid doing it on the table (I’m not kidding!) and lock the dirty diaper in a plastic bag so that other customers don’t have to smell it when they use the toilets!

guests having breakfast with infant at Cranmore Mountain Lodge
Catherine, Andy and Andrew sharing a nice time at breakfast at Cranmore Mountain Lodge



Top 10 Must-Have Equipment to Hike with Children

My entire family comes from the French and Swiss Alps. My parents were avid climbers, waking up at midnight to hike glaciers before the morning sun would melt the ice and form  crevices dangerous for climbers. When my sister and I were born, climbing glaciers wasn’t possible anymore, but they didn’t give up the hiking.

As long as I can remember, I’ve been hiking. Forty-fifty years ago, kids carrier did not exist and my dad would just put layers of clothes at the bottom of his old backpack with my sister or I on top of them, so that our head was actually out of the bag. We would spend the entire day on the trails.

infant backpack in the 60s
Early 1960s: My sister was an infant hiking the Alps, tucked in my dad’s backpack.

Sometimes our parents would have to drag us to finish the hike but at the end of the day, we were so happy to rest in our sleeping bags after a good outdoor dinner cooked in a homemade firepit (my parents always camped in the “wild”, never in campgrounds).

Child hiking
1976 : I was hiking the Alps in Summer (there was still snow in the background), with our dog Ulla

I remember asking my parents to finally spend our vacations by the ocean for once  but the first time I spent several days at the shore (I was nearly a teenager) I got bored after 2 days and asked to go on a hike!

When our sons, Antoine and Guillaume were as little as 4 and 2 years old, we would go on vacation in the Alps as well, hiking everyday for a week or two. One day we actually made it through a total of 10 km! I remember passing by other hikers who were very astonished to see these little boys hiking so well and obviously having pleasure doing so.

Children hiking the alps
Summer 1995 : Antoine was 4 and Guillaume was 2, hiking the Alps. I was carrying Guillaume because he didn’t want to step in goat poop!

How did we do that? Hiking for a kid is all about the journey : You have to make it fun for them and there is no better hike than the one leading to a special spot such as a waterfall or a brook, a blueberry patch, a mountain lake, where you can have lunch and have fun for several hours before heading back. Hiking to a summit to see a beautiful panorama can be also rewarding for older kids, but not so much for toddlers.

lunch break at La Chappelle d'Abondance
Summer 1995, La Chappelle d’Abondance : during a lunch break, it was so much fun to play in a mountain brook! While there, we saw cows with their big bells walking back to their barn to get milked.

During the hike itself, we went at their pace, taking the time to observe the flowers, trees, ants and spiders, playing games such as a scavenger hunt (let’s find a special rock, a piece of wood, where can you see something red, can you spot a ladybug…) : there is no better way to teach them the love of the outdoors and respect of nature. They were taking turn to “lead the pack”. We also took numerous breaks, for them as for us as Thierry was carrying a heavy backpack and I often had one of the kids on my shoulders (yes, they didn’t always want to walk and needed to be carried). During these breaks, we were also making sure we were still on the right path by checking our map, modifying our itinerary depending on how far we were, what time it was, and how tired were the children.

Bernex 1995
Summer 1995, Bernex : the kids checking the map with dad to make sure we were on track

Many people come to the White Mountains New Hampshire with young kids to visit StoryLand or Santa’s Village, not knowing that even for a kid as young as 2, hiking is also an option : we have many small hikes to waterfalls, blueberry patches and so in our area. A hike that would normally take you up to 1 hour (such as Arethusa Falls), can be up to 2 hours with a younger kid, but he will love playing in the water at the foot of this giant waterfall and will forget all the effort he had to do to reach it! It’s all worth it.

It is much easier for families nowadays to discover the outdoors and lots of backpacks, kid carriers… have much improved and are lighter (and much less expensive) that what we had forty or even twenty  years ago.

Whatever the decades the kids are born in, here are our 10  must have equipment when you go hiking with them:

- First Aid supplies, including insect repellent. We’ve hiked the Smoky Mountains, the Adirondacks, the Poconos and of course the White Mountains, and insect repellent is an absolute must have from April to November. We do not have lots of snakes in our area, but it is always a good idea to carry a “venom vacuum” such as Aspivenin, or Sawyer Products B4 Extractor Pump Kit (sold at Our kids were never attacked by vipers that were numerous in the Alps, but were bitten by wasps and horse flies… This venom vacuum allows to stop the pain and the swelling immediately, so the rest of the day is not wasted with a child who cries… A bruise cream is also a good addition to your first aid kit.

- Sun protection : sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, lip balm

- Packable rain gear, long sleeves clothes, and a change of clothes including underwear for the kids : be prepared for a quick change in weather in any mountain in the world you are going to hike. Packable rain gear is lightweight and doesn’t take much space in the backpack. It can also protect against the wind, and be very useful if you wish to have a picnic on a wet rock or wet grass. At the end of the day, it can be chillier than when you started in the morning and you will all be happy to put on something warmer with long sleeves. Kids can get wet exploring and then whine to get dry and you’ll be happy you brought dry clothes, underwear and socks! In the same spirit, always have a small towel in your backpack.

- Magnifying jar : kids love to collect along the way a caterpillar or other bugs to observe or other interesting treasures. That will keep them going and wanting more.

- Lots of healthy snacks, food and lots of water (no soda), such as cereals, cereal bars, nuts, peanut butter sandwiches, pretzels. Antoine was a very picky eater and would not eat any sandwiches, but agreed to eat some bread, and then a slice of ham, and could not be more happier when we would give him some sugar cubes (for energy). Keep your kids moving by motivating them such as “when we will be at the crossing of these paths, we will take a break and have some snacks”. I remember when I was a kid there was nothing that could make me move ahead more than promising to give me an Ovomaltine bar (made of malt and chocolate) during the next break.

- Tissues and moist towelettes . They are useful for many things, from first aid to using them as napkins.

- Plastic bags or ziploc bags to take back your trash, diapers… with you.

- Toilet paper (possibly not the roll you found in your hotel room)

- Map of the area, flashlight, batteries. Be prepared for anything! Your cell phone might not have service where you hike so make sure you know where you are going.

- Multi tool knives and matches

And finally, these are useful supplies to leave in your car that you will be happy to find when you come back from your hike : a large trash bag (to throw away all the garbage you are coming back with), large towels (if you got wet during your hike, they will protect your car seats and they will allow you to be dry on your way back home), extra clothes for the kids, and diapers . It’s also a good idea to have a cooler where you pack extra fresh snacks and that can keep a fresh water supply. The best part though of coming back from a hike is to stop at an ice cream shop and reward the family!

For more information about day hikes with kids in the White Mountains New Hampshire , visit :

adirondacks with kids
August 1997 : the Adirondacks, Antoine 6 and Guillaume 4 having a blast in a mountain lake. That very same day we were caught up by a huge storm with torrential rain and were very happy to have our rain gear and large towels back in the car!

Family Adventure at Cranmore Mountain Adventure Park

Cranmore Mountain Adventure Park ‘s giant swing and mountain coaster are open year round (yes, even in winter!) but in summer, the tubing hill, soaring Eagle zipline, bouncy houses for any age,  bungy trampoline and scenic chairlift rides give families a unique way to test their adventurous side. You can also choose to try the Aerial Adventure Park and become Indiana Jones for a few hours!

Our daughter, son and a friend did just that and had a BLAST :

So what are you waiting for? Check out our Cranmore Adventure Package and save $$$ on your next stay & play getaway.

FAQ About Cranmore Mountain Lodge

 cranmore Mountain Lodge backyard

Our goal is to provide the best stay to all of our guests. If you are not sure about our services, location or amenities, ask us before making a reservation or read our FAQ below : this may be the single most important factor in making your getaway at Cranmore Mountain Lodge a positive experience.


We are definitely a Bed & Breakfast. If you have never stayed at a bed and breakfast before, know that we offer a more personal experience than staying at a hotel. If you choose to, you can interact directly with us and other guests, something that isn’t always practical at a hotel. Our breakfast is included in the room rate and is cooked-to-order (check out our menu at ). We have fewer rooms than hotels and all of them are different in size and decor. We live on premises with our children and even though we do not have staff at our front desk, we are always around if you need our help. If you prefer a warm unobtrusive attention and a home-like accommodation, Cranmore Mountain Lodge is a good fit! Click here to meet us :

Questions about : LOCATION
Questions about : RATES AND POLICIES
Questions about : FOOD AND BEVERAGE
Questions about : ROOM
Questions about : TECHNOLOGY


What are the nearest airports?
Portland Airport, Maine : 1 ½ hours
Manchester Airport, NH : 2 ½ hours
Boston Logan International Airport : 2 ¾ hours
Montreal International Airport, Canada : 4 hours

Do I need a car when I stay with you?
You will definitely need a car or might have to budget taxi rides.

Where can I rent a car in North Conway?
2076 White Mountain Highway
North Conway NH 03860
Phone: (603) 356-2627

Can you give me directions to your place?
Find us on a map, contact us, get general directions and enter your address to get precise directions here :

How far are you from downtown North Conway village? Is it walking distance?
We are 1.5 miles away from downtown North Conway village. It takes about 30 minutes to walk downtown if you wish to. We are located in a very quiet residential area, away from any traffic noise at night.

How far are you from major attractions?
We are just 1 mile from Cranmore Mountain and the adventure park.
We are just 1.5 miles away from the Conway Scenic Railroad.
We are just 10-15 minutes from Storyland and Attitash Mountain.
We are 35 minutes drive from the base of the Mt Washington Auto Road, Great Glen Trails and Wildcat Mountain.
We are 45 minutes drive from the Cog Railway and Bretton Woods.

Do you have direct access to the lifts?
No. You have to drive to Cranmore Mountain, just 1 mile away from us.

Do you have direct access to hiking/x-country ski trails?
Yes. From our backyard, there are trails that are unmarked/ungroomed for x-country skiing or snowshoeing, and for hiking/biking in the summer.

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What are your check-in and check-out times?
Check-in time is between 3 pm and 8 pm – Check out time is before 11 am

What if I need to arrive earlier or later?
In case of early check in or late check in, we ask you to contact us via phone (603) 356-2044 or by email at to let us know.
We try to meet your needs whenever it is possible, but earlier check-in time is never possible during Holidays and Fall foliage season. The earliest you can check in is 1 pm to give us the time to properly clean and prepare your room.
We know that your schedule doesn’t always allow you to arrive before 8 pm. Our front door is never locked and in case of a late check in, we leave your room key, directions to your room and a registration paper on the front desk. We ask you to sign the registration paper and leave it into the wooden “late check in” mailbox that you will find behind our front desk. In case of emergency after 8 pm, we live on premises and can be reached by dialing our cell phone number that is written on your room phone.

What if I need to check out late?
Late check out is never possible during Holidays or fall foliage season. However, we always try to meet your needs so ask us and we’ll let you know if it is possible. Late check-out is charged an extra $25 when agreed with innkeepers.

What are the front desk hours?
The front desk hours are 10 am until 8 pm. Should you need help before our front desk hours, you can always come and see us in the kitchen during breakfast as we are the cooks! In case of emergency after 8 pm, you can reach us by calling our cell phone number that you will find on your room phone.

Are there a minimum number of nights I have to stay?
There is no minimum nights required except :

  • 2 nights minimum are required for all our suites (Suite 12, Suite 17, Suite 24, Suite 25) with some exceptions (usually we can open the suites for 1 night only during slow season). If you need to stay only 1 night in one of our suites, ask us by calling (603) 356-2044 or email us at . Extra fee may apply.
  • All our rooms require a two night stay minimum during fall foliage season (usually from the last week in September until mid October).

How do I check rates and availability online?
Visit this link : and follow the directions.

Do you offer any special discounts?
Our rooms are priced fairly for everyone. However, we offer discounted rate for extended stays and for groups. Please contact us at (603) 356-2044 or email us at and indicate the length of your stay,number of adults and children 10 and under, number of desired rooms, and anything else that can help us provide you with the best rate possible.

Can you offer a better rate than what I found on or
You will not find any better rates than the ones offered directly by us. Cancellation policies are also more flexible when you book your room directly with us. If you find a better rate on or it is most likely because it is a different type of room.

What methods of payment do you accept?
Cash, Visa, Discover, MasterCard.

Do you charge a deposit?
We charge 1 full night for 1 night stay. We charge 50% deposit for 2 or more nights. Your reservation is not confirmed unless we have a deposit.

What if I want to pay my stay in cash?
If you wish to pay your entire stay in cash, we will refund your deposit on your card upon check in and you can then pay your entire bill with cash.

Are you kid friendly?
We are kid friendly (any age). However children count as 1 (even a baby) in the occupancy of a room, so if you are planning to come with your children, please book a room welcoming more than 2 people.

Are you pet friendly?
Only Room 19, Suite 12, Suite 24 and Suite 25 are dog friendly. We do not accept any other pets. You can bring your cat with you and board it at Karla’s Pet Rendez-vous ( .  Please read our dog policy at .

Do you have any handicapped accessible room?
None of our rooms are handicapped accessible. We have 4 rooms and suites on the first floor that are accessible after 2 to 3 steps (no ramps). All our other rooms are on the second or third floor and we do not have any elevator.

Do you allow smoking in the rooms?
All our rooms and common rooms are non-smoking. You can smoke outside only in designated areas (there are ash trays in the porches).

What is your cancellation policy?
There is a $25 cancellation fee per room to cover paperwork ($30 per room during Fall foliage – last week in september and 2 first weeks in october ).  A fourteen day cancellation notice is required to receive a full refund (30 day notice during Fall foliage season). Reservations cancelled less than 2 weeks, but more than 4 days, before arrival (30 days during Fall Foliage season) will be refunded only if we are able to re-rent to others. If the room remains un-rented, we gladly issue a credit voucher in the value of your deposit (minus the cancellation fee), valid for 4 months, that can be used as a deposit on your next stay with us. In case of cancellation again, this credit voucher is forfeit. Please note that under some special circumstances, we do not charge a cancellation fee if the reservation is moved entirely to another date at least 7 days before the booked arrival day.
Reservations cancelled less than 4 days before arrival (7 days during Fall foliage season), whatever the reason is, ARE NOT REFUNDABLE at all unless we can re-rent the room to others. No credit voucher will be issued.

What if I need to check-out earlier?
Deposits are applied to the last day of your reservation, which means that early checkouts forfeit their deposits and are responsible for ALL nights booked.

What is your recycling policy?
Please read our sustainable commitment at

What if I forget something in my room?
To respect our guest privacy, we won’t return anything unless the object is claimed. Exceptions are made however for items of high value like passports and laptops. All returns are made via our USPS local store that handles the handling and shipping. Your credit card information will be given to the store and charged according to the items to be returned. When items are not claimed within 2 to 3 weeks, we give them to charity or the hotel staff.

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When and where is breakfast served?
Breakfast is served every morning only to our house guests sitting in the dining room between 7:30 am and 9 am.
We try to meet your needs as much as we can but we have also our own schedules we need to tend to, and we do not have any staff to help out early morning (before breakfast hours), therefore if you wish a breakfast served earlier than 7:30 am, you need to talk to us the night prior at least. There is coffee and tea available at all time, and we put the cereal bar out around 7 am. Upon agreement, we can also prepare a breakfast sandwich the night before that we will leave into the guest refrigerator that is in our kitchen.
In case your sleep in, a full breakfast might not be possible anymore if the kitchen is closed when you arrive in the dining room, but we might still be able to offer you cereals, and egg dishes. In any case, we are unable to cook any breakfast past 9:15-9:30 am as we have to tend to other innkeeping tasks. If you missed breakfast, we will not deduct anything from your bill as breakfast is free and included with your stay.

What type of breakfast is served? Is there a menu?
We offer a full cooked-to-order breakfast, with choice between French Toasts, Pancakes, Stuffed croissants, egg dishes and house specialties. You can preview our menu here :

Can you accommodate my special dietary needs?
Any dietary needs must be mentioned upon reservation, or we might not be able to propose you a substitute. We accommodate people allergic to gluten for free. However, if you have a gluten free diet by choice, there may be an extra fee. Please note that we cannot accommodate kosher diet, but would be glad to prepare the kosher ingredients that you bring with you. Should you need a vegan breakfast, we usually can prepare you scrambled tofu with veggies. In any case, special dietary needs should be arranged at least 3 days prior to arrival.

Will I have to share a table with other guests?
Only if you wish to! We have 10 tables available for our guests and if there is a bit of waiting time to get a seat, it usually is no more than 15 minutes, so no need to share a table with someone else, unless both of the parties agree to do so.

Do I have to tip our server(s)?
Tipping is welcome but totally at your discretion.

Do you serve dinner?
We are a Bed & Breakfast and serve breakfast only. There are many restaurants close by and we will be more than happy to suggest you places to eat.

Can I order take-out from a local restaurant?
We have many menus from local restaurants in our lobby. A lot of them offer a take-out option. You can drive there to pick up your food or order a taxi that will pick it up for you for a small fee. Most of our rooms are not equipped to eat-in but you are welcome to use the outdoor tables or the tables in our game room and living room.

Do you serve alcohol?
We do not have an alcohol license. You are welcome to bring your own beverages. We provide in your room wine glasses and a corkscrew for your convenience.

Can I have access to cooking equipment? Can we have a cook-out?
We have a charcoal BBQ grill outside that our guests can use. We can provide you with BBQ utensils. You also have access to a microwave oven in our kitchen (if your room isn’t equipped with a microwave), but our stove and ovens are completely private.

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Will I have my own private bathroom?
All our rooms have their private bathroom. Room 5 and Room 10 have both a private bathroom across the hallway. All of our other rooms have an en-suite private bathroom.

Will I have a shower stall only or a bath-tub/shower combination?
It depends of the room you choose. Most of our rooms offer only a shower stall. Room 4, Room 19, Suite 12, Suite 24 and Suite 25 have a shower/bathtub combination. Suite 17 has a shower stall separate from the in-room jacuzzi tub.

Will my room have air conditioning/individual heat control?
All our rooms have window A/C units except Room 10. All our rooms have their own heat control except Room 19, suite 12, Suite 24 and Suite 25. These rooms have individual heater units for your convenience.

How much privacy will I have?
As much as you desire. We live on premises but this doesn’t mean that we will be around the corners all the time and spy on you! We respect your privacy as much as you respect ours.

What is the decor in my room?
All our rooms are different, but most of the décor is American or French country style. Most of our rooms are typical Bed & Breakfast rooms and consist in a bed, night table, a drawer dresser with mirror and a chair. Some rooms have refrigerator and microwave. Suites are larger and offer a couch and more sitting options. You can visit all our rooms at .
If you rather like modern furniture, we can certainly refer you to the right Hotel or Bed & Breakfast that will better suit your needs.

What amenities to you provide in the rooms?
We provide the towels and linens. More towels are available upon request and free of charge. Pool towels are also available free of charge in the pool porch. Each room is also equipped with a hair dryer (except room 10), and bathroom amenities include shampoo, conditioner, soap, toilet paper, hygienic bags and demake up towelettes.

Can you provide with a iron and ironing board?
Upon request, we can provide you with an iron and ironing board.

Will I have a refrigerator and a microwave in my room?
Not all the rooms are equipped with a refrigerator and microwave, but everyone has access to a full size guest refrigerator with freezer and a guest microwave oven in our kitchen.

Will I have a coffee maker in my room?
Not all the rooms are equipped with a coffee maker, but everyone has access at all time (except during breakfast service) to a Keurig machine with choice of coffee flavors, hot water and tea in our dining room.

Are all your rooms carpeted?
All the rooms on the 2nd floor of the main building have hardwood floor. The third floor of the main building as well as all the rooms in the loft building are carpeted.

Is there a cooking stove and an oven in the suites equipped with a kitchenette?
No. Suite 24 and Suite 25 are equipped with a kitchenette consisting in cupboards, sink, refrigerator, microwave and coffee maker. We provide with silverware, plates and cups. We have so many restaurants in the Valley offering quality food at a reasonable price, you don’t need to cook during your vacations! But if you wish to, you can have a cook-out using one of our barbecue grills outside.

Is there daily housekeeping in our room?
Yes, daily housekeeping is included in your room rate. If you do not want housekeeping, please use the “Do Not Disturb” sign that you will find in your room and hang it outside on your door knob.
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Will I have a TV in my room?
All our rooms are equipped with cable TV, except Room 6. There is also a television in our game room.

Will I have a DVD player in my room?
Room 1, Room 2, Room 4, Room 9, Suite 17, and Suite 12 have a DVD player. There is also a DVD player in our game room.

Do you have a DVD library on premises?
Yes, we have a lot of DVDs (and VHS) you can borrow to watch in your room, free of charge.

Can we connect to the Internet?
Wireless Internet Connection is available free of charge throughout the main and the loft buildings. A password is necessary and provided upon check-in. This password is also revealed on a card in your room. We ask our guests to refrain from downloading or uploading large files (such as movies) as everyone share the bandwidth.

Can I access a computer during my stay?
Upon request, you can access our laptop (to check emails for example). This laptop can be accessed only in the common rooms (you cannot bring it to your room for a long period of time), as this is a laptop that we use for work as well!

Can I print my boarding pass on premises?
You can email us the link of your boarding pass and we will print it for you.

Will my cell phone work?
There are some “dead spots” in the White Mountains, but generally the Verizon network is the one that works best in our area. Please check this with your cell phone provider.

Do I have a phone in my room?
All rooms are equipped with a phone where you can give local calls only. If you wish to make a long distance or international call, you can buy from us calling cards that you can use on our in-room phones.
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What are the differences between the loft building and the main building?

  • The Main Building and the Loft Building are right next to one another.
  • The dining room and common rooms as well as direct access to the pool area are in the Main building.
  • Room 1 through Suite 17 are in the Main Building, while Room 19 to Suite 25 are in the Loft building.
  • The rooms and bathrooms in the Loft building tend to be larger than the rooms in the Main building (except for Suite 17 and Suite 12 that are larger one-bedroom and two-bedroom suites in the main building)
  • All rooms in the Loft building are carpeted, while second floor rooms in the main building have hardwood floor.
  • All rooms in the Loft building except Room 22 are equipped with their own refrigerator and microwave oven.

Is parking free?
Yes, parking is free of charge.

Do you have an elevator?
No, we do not have any elevator.

Do you have an ice machine?
No, we do not have any ice machine. However, guests have access to a guest refrigerator/freezer in our kitchen where you can take ice cubes for your beverages. We do not have enough ice though to fill up an ice box.

Do you have a soda machine?
No, we do not have any soda machine and do not serve any soda for breakfast, but you are welcome to bring your own.

Do you have a laundry facility on premises?
For extended stay with us (at least 3 nights), we offer our guests a next day service if laundry is delivered before 11:00 am, for a fair rate of $2.50 per pound. Just leave your laundry bag in your bathroom and let us know during breakfast that you need a laundry service. If you just need to dry some clothing, we can provide you with a drying rack (avoid placing anything wet on your room’s heaters). If you need us to dry anything (without washing), the dry rate is $1.50 per pound. Otherwise, there is a laundromat facility just a mile away down our street that is open 24 hours a day.

Is your pool heated? Is it seasonal?
Our pool is seasonal (open usually from the last weekend in May to the first weekend in September, depending on the weather) and is not heated.

Is your hot tub open year round? Can everyone use your outdoor hot tub?
Our outdoor hot tub is open year round. We close it exceptionally during inclement weather (snow/ice storm, heavy rain, thunderstorm) for your safety. Only adults and children older than 10 can use the outdoor hot tub. Any child under 18 should use the hot tub under supervision of an adult.

When can we use the hot tub and pool?
The hot tub and pool are open from 10 am until 9 pm, daily in season.

Do I need a permit to fish in your pond?
No, no permit is needed to fish in our pond. It is a catch and release fishing only. We stock it each year with rainbow trout or brown trout. You can read more about these species at . If you wish to fish in the brook along the property though, you need a permit that you can conveniently buy online at :

Do I need to bring my own fishing pole?
Yes, we do not provide with fishing poles. If you do not have any and still want to fish, you can buy cheap fishing poles at the local Walmart in North Conway Village.

Do you have a tennis court on premises?
Yes, but the tennis court is currently closed for your safety as it needs to be resurfaced.

Do you have BBQ grills?
For your convenience, we provide charcoal BBQ grills and BBQ utensils that our guests can use. Bring your own charcoal and food and enjoy a cookout by our pond!

Can you help me develop an itinerary for my visit?
Absolutely. Call us at (603) 356-2044 or email us at and we will be more than happy to help you plan your stay with us.

Is there a common room where we can meet other guests?
Yes. We have a large game room and a living room with lots of seating areas where you can socialize with other guests staying with us. You can stay in these common rooms as long as you wish as far as you keep a respectful noise level (especially for guest rooms that are right above the game room and living room). Please avoid playing the piano or guitar (in our living room) past 9:30 pm.

Where do the innkeepers sleep?
Our sons live in the basement of the loft building. We live with our younger daughter in a suite on the right side of the main building, right under Suite 12. You can see our deck, barbecue grill and outdoor furniture from the dining room.

Are visitors allowed?
Facilities and services are for the exclusive use of Cranmore Mountain Lodge’s customers. However, should you want to invite friends to use our pool/hot tub who are not our house guests, it should be after agreement with the innkeepers and there is a charge of $30 per person for up to 3 hours.

Do you offer discounted tickets to local attractions?
Yes, we work with many area attractions and you can buy discounted tickets directly from us. For your convenience, you can book these tickets online when you reserve your room or buy them at our front desk once you are on premises.

Do you offer lodging packages?
Yes, we offer lodging packages for all season, usually including the room, breakfast, tickets to attractions and voucher for dinner, helping you save money. You can read about our seasonal packages at

Is there a shuttle between Cranmore Mountain and Cranmore Mountain Lodge?
No. We are completely independent from Cranmore Mountain and there is not shuttle between us both (or any other attraction).

Is it better to book online or to book on the phone with you?
It’s always better to book directly with us whether online or on the phone, the choice is yours. If you wish to book on the phone, you can call us everyday between 10 am and 8 pm, and if we are not by our phone at the time leave us a detailed message. Or you can securely book online at any time at

Will I be able to lock my bicycle overnight in a secure place?
We have a bicycle rack along the loft building where you can lock your bicycle, or we can lock it into our barn.
Can you redirect me to someone at Cranmore Mountain?
We are completely independent from Cranmore Mountain, therefore we cannot redirect your call to Cranmore Mountain.

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Rainy Day and Indoor Activities in the White Mountains of NH and Beyond

The White Mountains of New Hampshire offer every outdoor activities you can dream about, but what can you do when the weather is not cooperating?

Here is a very extensive list of things to do, from visiting historical places to indoor sports your entire family will enjoy, to culinary tours and unique shops to discover. These activities are fun to do in any weather!














 In or Around North Conway :

THE CONWAY HISTORICAL SOCIETY EASTMAN LORD HOUSE MUSEUM (15 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – 100 Main Street, Conway NH 03818 – (603) 447-5551 – Open Memorial Day to Labor Day Wednesdays 2-4 pm or call for guided tours by appointment – No charge for admission but donations accepted – – The museum is headquarted in the Eastman Lord House, circa 1818 residence of Conway mill owner, William Kimball Eastman, across from the fire station in Conway.

 COVERED BRIDGES – They consist of a roadway supported on each side by a wooden truss and an roof. Truss designs varied. Many bridges in the White Moutain utilize paddleford trusses, originated by (and named for) Peter Paddleford of Littleton, NH. Nobody knows why the first covered bridges were built, but there were certainly monetary considerations as they were toll bridges.

 Going South towards the Lakes Region :

REMICK COUNTRY DOCTOR MUSEUM & FARM (35 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge)- 58 Cleveland Hill Rd., Tamworth 03886 – (800) 686-6117 – Open Monday through Friday (9 am to 5 pm) and Satuday (9 am to 4 pm) – -
Explore over 200 years of self-sustained living, from a shipwright to tavern keeper, from a country doctor to dairymen. Discover the history of one of the most influential families in Tamworth. Working farm and living history museum await.

CASTLE IN THE CLOUDS  (1 hour from Cranmore Mountain Lodge)– Rte 171, 455 Old Mountain Road, Moultonborough 03254 – (603) 476-5900 – Open daily June to October 10 am to 5:30 pm –  Adults – $16; Seniors (65+) – $14; Youth (5-17) – $8; Children 4 & Under are FREE – – Start your journey to Lucknow as you travel via trolley on the same road that Thomas & Olive Plant traveled back in the early 1900s. Then, visitors can explore all 16 rooms of the mansion, many of which offer spectacular views of the lakes and mountains. See everything vintage from the clothes in Olive Plant’s closets to the innovative electrical fixtures. Step out the back door to the lawn and stroll through the gardens – with breathtaking views of Lake Winnipesaukee and the Ossipee Mountains, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world! They also have a Art Gallery hosting various exhibits throughout the season

 AMERICAN POLICE MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM (1 hour from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – 194 Daniel Webster Highway, Meredith 03253 – (603) 279-6387  – – -
Over sixty vintage motorcycles from every decade with racers, military, civilian and police motorcycles in working condition. A movie theatre, a real 1948 Indian Chief for souvenir pictures and a shop where they build bikes in real time is just part of your museum experience. Come see, enjoy, learn and share as they are the only museum of its kind in the country.

 WRIGHT MUSEUM OF WWII HISTORY  (1 hour from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – Route 28/77 Center Street, Wolfeboro 03894
(603) 569-1212 –No charge for admission but donations accepted – -  The museum’s mission is to preserve and share the stories of America’s Greatest Generation for the benefit of generations to come. To fulfill this mission, the Wright Museum collects, cares for, and exhibits artifacts illustrating the heroic efforts of ordinary people living during extraordinary times.

 Going North through the Kancamagus Highway:

THE NEW ENGLAND SKI MUSEUM (1 hour from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – 135 Tramway Drive, Exit 34B Interstate 93, Franconia NH 03580 – (603) 823-7177 – Open from Memorial Day to early April 10 am to 5 pm-  – Their permanent exhibition is from the First Tracks to the Fall Line: eight thousand years of skiing. It presents a timeline of the development of skiing from its prehistoric roots up until the advent of the shaped ski in the 1990s, and includes local aspects of ski history with national implications such as several important ‘firsts’ at Cannon Mountain, and the career of area native Bode Miller.

FRANCONIA IRON FURNACE (1 hour from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – Main Street, Franconia 03580 – (603) 823-5000 –Free admission – -  The only blast furnace still standing in New Hampshire. It can be viewed anytime across the Gale River. A scale model and exhibits are viewable in the Interpretive Center anytime.

FRANCONIA HERITAGE MUSEUM (1 hour from Cranmore Mountain Lodge)- 553 Main Street, Franconia 03580 – 603-823-5000 – Open Memorial Day through the last weekend in October, Friday & Saturday 1 to 4 pm – Other times by appointment. No charge for admission but donations accepted – -  The Franconia Heritage Museum is located in an 1878 New England Farm House with attached barn and sheds. A visit to their fully furnished farmhouse is like a trip to your great grandparents home.

THE FROST PLACE (1 hour from Cranmore Mountain Lodge)- 158 Ridge Road, Franconia 03580 – (603) 823-5510 –  Open daily (except Tuesday) May to October (1 pm to 5 pm), extended hours during fall foliage (10 am to 5 pm) –
The Frost Place is beloved poet Robert Frost’s former home converted into a house-museum. A visit includes a tour of the house, a Poetry Trail walk, informational video, and a stunning view from Frost’s former front porch looking out onto the Franconia Ridge and Notch.

Going North on Rte 302 / 16:

THE WENTWORTH RESORT (15 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – Carter Notch Road, Jackson 03846 – You may not find John Barrymore and Greta Garbo on the guest list, but The Wentworth is truly a “Grand Hotel” in the European tradition, with a history that reaches back a century and a quarter to the golden age of New England resorts. Browse through their historical books, documents, and scrapbooks, maintained in the room adjoining the lounge. You’ll find memorabilia of the hotel and its varied clientele, letters, artwork, and a thousand memories preserved for your moments of leisurely browsing.

JOE DODGE LODGE (30 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – 361 New Hampshire 16, Gorham 03541 – (603) 466-2727 – The Lodge sits at the base of Mt Washington at 6288’ the highest peak in the northeast. At the Lodge you can get hearty home cooked meals, and participate in naturalist or history programs by the Appalachian Mountain Club. You can spend the day or simply wander through the lobby exhibits and sit with the hikers ready to ascend the summit. In winter many hikers climb just to Tuckerman’s Ravine to ski the bowl or simply to watch those more adventurous.

DOUGLAS A. PHILBROOK RED BARN MUSEUM  (35 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge)– At the base of the Mt Washington Auto Road, by the Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center – Open daily from Memorial Day to Columbus Day, 10 am to 4 pm – Admission is free – – Opened in 1861, the Mount Washington Carriage Road was the first man-made tourist attraction in America. Earlier in the year Abraham Lincoln had taken office and in spite of his impassioned inaugural address, the Civil War had begun. Share in our history from the Carriage Road era up to today’s Auto Road with a visit to the Douglas A. Philbrook Red Barn Museum. In addition to objects and memorabilia from the Auto Road’s history, you can see some of the vehicles that once made the 8-mile journey to the top of New England. These vehicles include an original 1870′s Abbot-Downing Concord Coach, a 12 passenger Mountain Wagon and other horse drawn vehicles that once made the trip to the summit. Other historic Mount Washington Auto Road vehicles include a 1918 Pierce-Arrow from the fleet of the 20’s, a 1938 Ford Woodie Station Wagon and a 1963 International Travelall. These vehicles are all part of our 150+ years of history on Mount Washington.

THE MT WASHINGTON HOTEL (40 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – Route 302, Bretton Woods 03575 – (603) 278-1000 – – Walk the quiet halls of the hotel and read the historic pictorials of the days of the grand hotels and the train excursions that brought guests from Boston, Connecticut and New York. The 1902 National Historic Landmark offers exquisite dining in the Grand Ballroom.

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CONWAY SCENIC RAILROAD (5 minutes away from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – 38 Norcross Circle, North Conway, NH03860 – (603) 356-5251 – -  Excursions offered mid-April through December and are all departing from the 1874 Victorian station in North Conway Village. Enjoy an old-fashioned railroading experience as you journey on historic rail routes in vintage passenger cars from our 1874 train station in North Conway Village to either Conway or Bartlett and back again (6 departures daily). Or take the Notch Train and enjoy some of the most dramatic natural scenery in the East as you travel through spectacular Crawford Notch – past sheer bluffs, steep ravines, cascading brooks and streams, panoramic mountain vistas, across Frankenstein Trestle and Willey Brook Bridge – en-route to Crawford station (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday).

CRAWFORD NOTCH WATERFALLS (30 minutes to 1 hour from Cranmore Mountain Lodge)- North of Rt. 302 in Crawford Notch.
Flume and Silver Cascades , located roughly 1 mile Southeast of the AMC Highland Center on Route 302 in Twin Mountain , can be seen from your car window, but to really appreciate them, take a closer look. Two large lots provide ample parking. Flume Cascade is roughly a 300 foot drop waterfall and Silver Cascade is an estimated 300 foot drop waterfall. There are a series of cascades and plunges flowing down each fall that land in the Saco River.

KANCAMAGUS HIGHWAY WATERFALLS (30 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – Rte 112, starting at Conway – Sabbaday Falls : Sabbaday Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in New Hampshire. Its history, beauty and easy hike make it one of the most visited waterfalls in the state. The path to Sabbaday Falls is Handicapped accessible and is has informational postings along the trail. Sabbaday Falls has a 45′ drop. Rocky Gorge : Rocky Gorge is another easy walk along the Swift River that takes you over a over a foot bridge across the Swift River and takes you to a viewing area where there are informational postings. Lower Falls : Lower Falls is one of the most popular stops on the Kancamagus Highway, especially during hot summer weather as many people swim here during low water. If the water is rushing through this area, please do not swim at Lower Falls.



NORTH CONWAY’S MOOSE SAFARI ADVENTURE (5 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – Route 16/302, North Conway 03860 –  603-662-3159 – Evening 3 1/2+ hour moose tours (96% success May thru August). Reservation required. mid-May to early October. Adults $35. Under age 15, $19. – – To begin the tour an informative movie about New Hampshire moose is shown. Everyone is invited to disembark the bus when possible. Historically a success rate of over 96% is found May through August with an average of 5+ moose seen. Some tours see even more moose and it’s always great to hit double digits! Fewer moose tend to be seen in September and October, yet those months also can provide sightings of bull moose with full grown antlers – which is exciting!

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 M&D PRODUCTIONS (5 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge)- 1857 White Mtn Hwy – North Conway, NH 03860 (in plaza next to D’angelo’s) – (603)733-5275 – - An award winning community-based theatre that provides year-round professional quality cutting edge dramas, comedies and musicals while collaborating with the community to make a difference.

 ARTS IN MOTION THEATRE COMPANY (5 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – Eastern Slope Inn Playhouse, Main Street, North Conway03860 – (603) 356-0110 – – The mission of Arts in Motion Theater Company is to enrich the culture of our communities by promoting the arts, to provide quality, entertaining theatrical experiences for both audience and participant, to welcome and encourage participation of all, and to allow for education, personal growth, achievement and enhancement of self esteem through theater arts in an atmosphere of mutual respect, support and enjoyment.

MOUNTAIN VALLEY MALL CINEMA (5 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge)– 32 Mountain Valley Boulevard, North Conway, NH03860 (by Hannaford Supermarket) – (603) 356-6410 – - 7 screen theatre

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THE CASSIDY GALLERY AT JACKSON VILLAGE  (15 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – 95 Main St., Jackson 03818 – (603) 66202074 – Open Monday, Thursday & Friday (10 am to 5 pm), Saturday (9:30 am to 5 pm), Sunday (9:30 am to 1 pm) – – Fine art and craft gallery featuring the work of over thirty fine artists and artisans from the Mount Washington Valley and New England. The Gallery is located at The Snowflake Inn in the beautiful mountain village of Jackson, New Hampshire. They also feature work of professional artisans in: jewelry, blown, fused or lamp worked glass, functional and decorative ceramics, hand weaving, hand-dyed or painted silk scarves, unique lamps, carved or turned wood.

LEURA HILL EASTMAN PERFORMING ARTS CENTER (20 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – 18 Bradley Street, FryeburgMaine04037 – (207) 935-9232 – – Located on the historic campus of Fryeburg Academy, the Leura Hill Eastman Performing Arts Center is home to a variety of professional performances throughout the year, including the school’s own award-winning music and theater productions. Since opening its doors in January 2009, the “LHE/PAC” has offered a state-of-the-art performance space for the Mt. Washington Valley. From hosting renowned performers such as Peter Yarrow and Carbon Leaf to projecting live digital video streams of the Metropolitan Opera’s “Live In HD” Series, the LHE/PAC has become a cultural heartbeat of northern New England.

STONE MOUNTAIN ARTS CENTER  (20 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – Brownfield, Maine – (207) 935- 7234 – – Nestled in the foothills of the White Mountains, the Stone Mountain Arts Center is a beautiful timber frame music hall hosting national acts up close and personal in an equally beautiful setting.

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 MWV CHILDREN’S MUSEUM – 2936 White Mtn Hwy, North Conway, NH 03860  (5 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – (603) 356-2992 – Open 10 am to 5 pm – closed Tuesday & Wednesday – – Come visit their safe and engaging indoor environment where caregivers and children birth to age seven can explore a wide variety of centers! Who ever thought learning could be so much fun?! Children can enjoy such centers as the life size skidder, playing house, dressing up, working in a general store- and even climbing into their gigantic treehouse!

MT WASHINGTON WEATHER DISCOVERY CENTER (5 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – 2779 White Mountain Highway, North Conway, NH 03860 – 603-356-2137 – Open daily 10 am to 5 pm – Free admission (donations welcome) – – Explore the science of climate and weather through fun, interactive exhibits like our air cannon, flow tank and wind room. Plus, meet and interact with the hardy observers living and working in our summit weather station through a twice daily live video link.

HARTMANN MODEL RAILROAD, MUSEUM & HOBBY SHOP (5 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge- Route 16/302, 15 Town Hall Road, PO Box 165, Intervale NH 03845  – (603) 356-9922 – Open daily 10 am to 5 pm – – A Museum for all ages! Featuring many operating layouts… from G to Z scales on display. See detailed operating layouts with trains winding through tunnels, over bridges and by miniature train stations and buildings… even Thomas the Tank that operates by a light sensor system.

CLARK’S TRADING POST (1 hour from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – 110 Daniel Webster Hwy, Route 3, Lincoln 03251 –  (603) 745-8913 – - Rates: $20; Seniors 65+ $18; Ages 3 & under free. Admission includes all rides & shows.
Join them for a Trained Bear Show, a steam train ride on The White Mountain Central through Wolfman’s territory, and their Amazing Circus Act! Don’t miss Wolfie’s Segway Park, the new and improved Water Blaster Boats, the Climbing Tower, Incredible Museums, Kilburn’s Photo Parlor and River City Mining Co. Visit their unique specialty shops and so much more at Clark’s Trading Post.

STORYLAND  (15 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge)- 850 NH Route 16, Glen, NH 03838 – (603) 383-4186 – Open daily from Memorial Day to Labor day from 9:30 am to 6 pm, then weekends only until Columbus Day weekend (9:30 am to 5 pm) – General admission : $30.99 – – Story Land’s 21 family-friendly rides are designed for a shared experience, so parents and their children can all ride together. Rides are specifically designed for the 12 years old and younger and lots of them are covered, so that you can continue enjoying your day even if it is raining.

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SACO VALLEY SPORTS CENTER (15 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – 95 Pine Street, Fryeburg Maine04037 – (207) 935-3777 – Open daily 9 am (if raining) to 10 pm – – 16 lanes of candlepin bowling, with possibility of adding bumpers to make it easier for beginners and kids, arcades.

HAM ARENA (10 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – 87 West Main Street, Conway03818 – (603) 447-5886 – Check website for public skating schedule –

GO FISHING – Cranmore Mountain Lodge offers a nature pond stocked with rainbow and brown trout and it’s no secret that fishing is better in the rain! You can also buy a fishing permit for the day at North Country Anglers (  to go fishing in the brook along our property or the Saco River, just 10 minutes away from us.

CRANMORE FAMILY FITNESS CENTER  (1 mile from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – 1 Skimobile Road, North Conway 03860 – (603) 356-6301 – Daily 5:30 am to 8 pm – Single (14 to 64) $12, child (6 to 13) $6, Senior (65+) $8, check website for tennis court fees – – Located right at the base of Cranmore Mountain Resort, the Cranmore Fitness is the largest resort fitness facility in the North Country offering a tremendous variety of activities for folks of all ages including : 2 Indoor Tennis, Cardio Room , Functional Training Area, Star Trac Treadmills, Recumbent bikes, Upright Bikes, Ellipticals, Cybex Arc Trainer, Concept 2 rowers, Stairmaster Freeclimbers, Stairmaster Stepmill, Nautilus Circuit, Weight Room including Free weights, Kids Corner-Supervised play time

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Have a nice lunch and a delicious dinner at one of the Valley Originals’ Restaurants, located throughout the White Mountains. Some of them have live entertainment –

Stop for a cup of coffee, some Italian gelato or crepes and admire the work of White Mountains’ Artists at the Met Coffeehouse and Arts Gallery

TUCKERMAN BREWERY (15 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – 66 Main Street, Conway03818  – (603) 447-5400 –  Every Saturday at 3 pm – $5 for the tour and tasting – – On the tour, they’ll show you what goes into making the award winning beers at their state of the art brewery (except the bottling line, that’s another story). They may let you in on some of the secrets that make Tuckerman beer so special.

MOAT MOUNTAIN BREWERY (5 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – 3378 White Mountain Highway, North Conway03860 – (603) 356-6381 – – Moat Mountain is a 174-seat brew pub and restaurant located in one of North Conway’s historic buildings. Their award-winning ales and lagers are brewed on-site with fresh mountain water. Enjoy a pint on premises or take some home in a Growler 22oz Bomber Bottle or a few BIG Cans.

THE SAP HOUSE MEADERY (45 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – 6 Folsom Road, Center Ossipee NH 03814 – (603) 539-1672 – Visit the meadery on Saturday & Sunday from 1 pm to 5 pm (or by appointment) – – Mead or honey wine is an alcoholic beverage created by the fermentation of water and honey. Mead’s alcohol content can vary greatly between mild and strong, and it can range between still and sparkling. Similar to grape wine, mead can be dry, semi-sweet, or sweet.

AGAPE HOMESTEAD FARM (45 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – 36 Rte 16B, Center Ossipee – 603-539-4456 – Open daily 1am to 7 pm – Agape Homestead Farm is a small family farm that began about 14 yeas ago with the goal of knowing where their food comes from, and it grew from there. They are a New Hampshire licensed and inspected goat dairy that produces goat milk, soap and cheese. Currently, they produce 3 types of soft spread cheese: dill and garlic, zesty ranch, onion and pepper, as well as feta marinated in rosemary, basil and garlic. If you desire, their hormone-free all-natural meats are also available : pork, beef, chicken, lamb, turkey and goat. Of course, the farm-fresh baked goods are there, along with other local farmers’ wares, such as maple syrup and honey.

THE SANDWICH CREAMERY (1 hour from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – 130 Hannah Road, North Sandwich – 603-284-6675 –  – open daily 9am to 10 pm – The Sandwich creamery was established in 1995 and now produces cow’s milk cheeses in the following varieties : aged cheddar, smoked cheddar, caerphilly, coulommier and brie, as well as a variety of fresh, soft cheese spreads. All cheeses are made by hand in small batches using time-honored methods. As a family business, they are committed to a product that helps people stay connected to their local farms.

VIA LACTEA FARM (1 hour from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – 366 Stoneham Road, Brookfield – 603-522-3626 – – Open March to December, Wednesday through Sunday 9 am to 6 pm – Via Lactea Farm is a small-diversified farm with a focus on producing artisan cheese from their own goat milk. Cheese varieties include chevre, feta, mold-ripened chevres and aged cheese.

WINNIPESAUKEE CHOCOLATES (1 hour from Cranmore Mountain Lodge)– 53A N. Main Street, Wolfboro – 603-569-4831 – – Open kitchen tours select weekends in the spring and fall – Hand-crafted chocolate indulgences including Winnipesaukee Chocolates and White Mountains Chocolate bars, truffles, toffees, caramels and what ever else may inspire them at the moment. Winnipesaukee Chocolates source many of their ingredients directly from the farmers, focusing on local where ever possible.

STONE GATE VINEYARD (1 ½ hour from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – 27 David Lewis Road, Gilford – 603-524-4348 – – Open May-November, weekends from 1 pm to 5 pm – Stonegate vineyard is a small family-owned vineyard and winery located in the heart of New Hampshire’s Lakes Region. They produces wine from native and French cold climate grapes. A few popular wines are Aurore, Marechal Foch, Leon Millet and Seyval.

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The Cut Off Spa (5 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – 2955 White Mountain Highway, North Conway 03860 – (603) 356-6276 – Open Monday to Saturday, 8:30 am to 7:30 pm – – Massage therapy, body treatments, facial and peels, and more…

The Spa at Christmas Farm Inn (20 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – 3 Blitzen Way, Jackson03846 – (603) 383-4313 – – Full service Aveda Concept Spa with a natural approach to beauty and well-being. Spa guests enjoy world-class facilities and all the amenities of their 15 acre estate including 7 treatment rooms, relaxation lounge, indoor and outdoor pools, hot tub and fitness center.

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 Of course North Conway Village is famous for its tax-free shopping and the Settlers’ Green Village outlet stores ( . But here are some unique gift shops to discover and enjoy:

RICHARD M. PLUSCH ANTIQUES & APPRAISALS (5 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge)- 2584 White Mtn Highway, North Conway, NH 03860 – (603) 356-3333 – Open summer daily 10-5 except Mon. Win: Sat 10-5, Sun 12-5 & always by appt – Period furniture & accessories, glass, sterling, orientalia, rugs, jewelry, paintings, prints, lighting, ceramics & watches. Great selection of good antiques. The shop, located in a 19th century log cabin, is packed with real antiques e.g. furniture, clocks, glass, china , paintings, lighting, folk art, rugs, jewelry, and much more.

 ZEB’S GENERAL STORE (5 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – 2675 White Mountain Highway, North Conway 03860 – (603) 356-9294 – Open daily – Hours of operation vary – – Zeb’s General Store embodies the nostalgia and quality offered by the general stores of yesteryear with a decidedly whimsical flair.  From the old-fashioned candy counter that lures children off the street to the impressively grand collection of New England made specialty foods, those in search of a wide range of hard-to-find and nostalgic items will relive childhood memories while browsing the store and over 5,000 unique products, all presented in an incredible display of antique store fixtures.  It is no surprise that Zeb’s General Store has achieved the level of recognition and popularity that is has in its home base of the Mt.WashingtonValley , and throughout New England.

NORTH CONWAY FIVE AND DIME STORE (5 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – 2683 main street, North Conway03860 – (603) 356-3953 – open daily – Hours of operation vary – – A determination to keep history alive has helped the North Conway 5 and 10 to continue for over 70 years. Many hours of research and encouragement from the local Historical Society were rewarded in 2004 when the building and the business were declared a National Historic Landmark by the Federal Government. The building has many special features which helped to earn this status. The walls are painted horsehair plaster adjoining a beautiful turn of the century pressed tin ceiling. Maple shelving runs along the full length of the building. Solid maple floors, original maple counters and shelving grace the interior. There is an atmosphere of authenticity and nostalgia, all very real and all very 5 and 10.

THE HANDCRAFTER’S BARN (5 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – 2473 White Mountain Highway, North Conway 03860 – (603) 356-8996 – Open daily – – The HandCrafter’s Barn is a year round craft show, with over 150 juried artisans and crafters diplaying their wares in a converted eighteenth century colonial barn. Three floors are filled with photography, jewelry, pottery, quilts, crafts, and more for New England and beyond.

 JEWELRY BY TIM PSALEDAKIS & FRIENDS (5 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – 26 Norcross Circle, North Conway 03860 – (603) 356-2189 - – A working jewelry shop with years of experience in metal smithing, stone setting, repairs and custom order work in all karats of gold, silver, platinum and other metals. They willingly apply our skills to any task at hand; restringing pearls and beads, matching items for your wedding party, sizing rings, converting that old tie tack into a pendant, or cufflinks into earrings! Your imagination is the limit!

 NORTH CONWAY LEAGUE OF NH CRAFTSMEN FINE CRAFT GALLERY (5 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – 2526 White Mountain Highway, North Conway03860 – (603) 356-2441 – Open daily (except Tuesdays) 10 am to 5 pm – – The North Conway League of NH Craftsmen Gallery exhibits the finest of New Hampshire’s crafts and furnishings. The artists represented have been meticulously juried by other craftsmen of their fields, resulting in a collection of work that is extraordinary. The gallery is brimming with unique jewelry, furniture, pottery, blown glass, forged iron, woven baskets, and fiber arts, just to name a few. Customers also witness the exciting process of glassblowing. Nationally recognized artist, Philip Jacobs can be seen spinning molten glass before open roaring flames in Earth & Fire, the glassblowing studio on the premises.

NORTH CONWAY MUSIC SHOP (10 mn from us ) – 1976 White Mountain Highway, North Conway NH –  (603) 356-3562 – Open Monday through Thursday (10 am to 6 pm), Saturday (10 am to 5 pm), Sunday (11 am to 4 pm) – – They are the largest and most complete full-line music center in central New Hampshire. Huge stock of new and used instruments and tons of accessories make your shopping experience rewarding.

COVERED BRIDGE SHOPPE (15 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – Route 302, Glen – (603) 383-9109 – Open daily 10 am to 5 pm from Memorial Day weekend to Columbus Day weekend – – Featuring a distinctive collection of country home decor items including candles and accessories, throws, pillows, wall art and pottery, chimes, plush animals and a very large selection of flags, all at reasonable prices in a friendly atmosphere. In addition, they offer a full line of souvenirs including a great selection of T-shirts and many covered bridge items ranging from prints and ornaments to mugs and earrings.

RAVENWOOD CURIO SHOPPE (15 minutes from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – 60 Main Street, Jackson 03846 – (603) 383-8026 –  Open daily 10 am to 5 pm (closed Tuesday & Wednesday) – – Be enchanted by the rarities, oddities, curiosities, novelties on display, exhibiting eye catching jewelry, tantalizing art, amazing glass, remarkable pottery, magnificent garden décor, striking metal,appealing cards, charming antiques, unique gifts for home or workplace, sculptures…

 CHUTTERS (1 hour from Cranmore Mountain Lodge) – 43 Main Street, Littleton 03561 – (603) 444-5787 – Open 9 am to 8 pm – – Discover the sweet life! Home of the World’s Longest Candy Counter, a visit to Chutters is a trip to Candyland, where the air is delicious with the mouth-watering scents of candy and fresh-made fudge. Chutters has something for candy lovers young and old in a lively, fun-filled atmosphere. The longest counter of its kind anywhere, Chutters candy counter runs the entire length of the store. An impressive 112 feet of gleaming glass jars filled with brightly colored candy, ranging from yesterday’s favorites and hard-to-find flavors, to the best of today’s most sought-after treats.

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 Letterboxing is an intriguing pastime combining navigational skills and rubber stamp artistry in a charming “treasure hunt” style outdoor quest. A wide variety of adventures can be found to suit all ages and experience levels. Take the challenge to discover all the letterboxes in our area (including our very own Cranmore Mountain Lodge’s letterbox!)


Historical New England Bed & Breakfast Inn – North Conway NH


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